Perth Hills Wine Show 2013

As we will be attending the Perth Hills Wine Show on the weekend of the 19th & 20th of October, our Cellar Door facility will be closed to all visitors. We do welcome all our regular visitors to share the many wonderful wines that the Perth Hills has to offer by visiting us, and the other exhibitors, at the Kalamunda History Village, Railway Road, Kalamunda from 11.00am to 5.00pm. This venue is a just a hop, step and a jump from the well known Zig Zag Cultural Center located in the heart of Kalamunda. For more details, follow this link to the Perth Hills Vignerons Society events calendar.


Horse Power

Horse Power

Horse Power hits the Cellar Door. Due Jolly is pleased to welcome the Bickley Valley Horseback Winery Tours, a new initiative of Sophie Petrucci and Evie Molson. These energetic young lady’s offer horse riding tours, pony parties and custom outings in showcasing the beauty of the Perth Hills. Our winery will feature in the their wine tour, so bring your camera, and keep your eyes peeled for their group of riders when you next visit the cellar door. More information about these riding tours can be found here:


Newsletter Subscription Raffle

Raffle Prizes

It’s time to reward our customers and supporters with a selection of boutique prizes. To those who subscribe to our quarterly newsletter prior to the 21st of September 2013 you will automatically enter the draw. It’s easy to subscribe – just use the link at the base of our webpage.

1st Prize: (pictured).  A 20″ framed print of a magnificent red maple tree located at the base of Kings Park Perth. Photo courtesy of Value: $320

2nd Prize: 6 bottles of Due Jolly Wine (your choice). Value: $120

3rd Prize: (pictured). 2 bottles of Due Jolly wine. A bottle of our very popular Rhesus Positive, and 2007 Chardonnay. Value: $30

Full details for the event can be found on the events page of our FaceBook page ( You must be +18 to enter, and you must be alive. (Stranger things have happened!)


All prizes can be viewed, and sampled, at our newly constructed Cellar Door facility which has recently been improved to include an outdoor undercover area to protect those who visit us during the winter months. A reminder that we offer wine tastings at no charge, the option to buy wine by the glass, and a lite food service being cheese platters matched to the wine of your choice. And once the serious work is complete, you might be enticed to a slice of cake and a freshly brewed coffee.

We hope to see you soon!


Easter Opening Hours

Due Jolly Bar

Yes, the cellar door facility is now open. No longer can I provide my standard response to the year long questions of when we will be opening, being a consistently optimistic ‘two weeks’.

Both Rob and I welcome your company during this Easter weekend, noting that we will be open on Saturday and Sunday only, from 11am – 4pm.

So come along and sample our wine, purchase your weekly stock of fresh fruit [we’re situated on an operational orchard] or just sit and relax with a coffee and learn the history of the Perth Hills region and the refurbished site that is the home of Due Jolly Winery.



And the winner is….

a clever little starfish.

Congratulations to the fabulous web designers at ‘Clever Starfish’ who won an award for their design of the Due Jolly webpage. You can read more about their success here:

Clever Starfish Blog

Awards List


We Love Painting


We’ve been known to make a good wine, though painting isn’t a strong suit of the Jokers. We utilised the Rolf Harris (British Paints) technique when applying paint to the walls of the old compressor room when working at our soon to be opened Cellar Door today. Noticed how I used the word ‘we’ – one man painting, the elder statesman supervising. Rolf’s technique has its advantages – the room was painted in under 20 minutes. The downside could possibly be the quality, though you can be the judge on that! Truth be told, the paint we are using to cover the interior walls is lime based, meaning the full effect is not visible until a chemical reaction has occurred, which hadn’t yet happened when this picture was taken. The walls will cure to be grey in colour, very similar to their original colour prior to some necessary patch up work. Some of us on the painting team had our doubts though when this watery paint was applied, as the colour sample selected was definitely not blotched black! Alas, nerd to the rescue – if my memory serves me correctly, the process goes a little something like this: Ca(OH)2 + CO2 → CaCO3 + H2O + light grey walls + an apology to the guy who sold us the paint who’s ears must have been white hot after a small amount of measured venting from yours truly – the painter. A little bit of time to cure in air (CO2), and out pops the grey!

Bauwerk Paint – patience is the key!


2012 Harvest Festival

Another first for Due Jolly Winery. We contributed to the 2012 Bickley Carmel Harvest Festival taking the opportunity to share our wine, introduce our almost completed Cellar Door facility to the region’s wine lovers, and meet a lot of new friends. Whilst we had hoped to have the Cellar Door completed in time for the Festival, time got the better of us all. Thanks to all of our friends and family who assisted on the day, including our hard working landlord, Ray Ferrari. Ray was the experienced gentlemen winning people over with his freshly roasted chestnuts, and crispy fresh fruit.

We can promise a completed Cellar Door facility for the 2013 festival. It should be open for business in early August.


Do You Like Apples?

The Perth Hills not only produces great wine, it’s also a magnificent source of fresh fruit. Apples don’t come any fresher, nor crisper than those pictured here – direct from the orchard, just a stone throw away. The Jokers make the wine, whilst The Boss (Ray Ferrari) tends to the orchard. So a visit to the Due Jolly cellar door can be a healthy weekend escape too! Apples, pears, nectarines, and plums, are all available for sample when in season.


Quit Targa West

Many people discover the wineries in and around the Perth Hills region as a result of other events. One annual event that does a lot to support the Perth Hills region is Quit Targa West. Due Jolly Winery was proud to support car 12c during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 events being a 1976 Porsche 3.0L Carrera. You can see our pint sized logo at the front end of this little red rocket. For more Quit Targa West images, check out the gallery.


Due Jolly Launch Party

img_8777_webWould you like to know how we celebrate a the birth of a new vintage? We throw a party! Thanks to Sally Wittenoom (photographer), our product launch for 2010 was captured for all to enjoy. The keen eye will spot the Jokers who played a part in making the wine.