We Love Painting


We’ve been known to make a good wine, though painting isn’t a strong suit of the Jokers. We utilised the Rolf Harris (British Paints) technique when applying paint to the walls of the old compressor room when working at our soon to be opened Cellar Door today. Noticed how I used the word ‘we’ – one man painting, the elder statesman supervising. Rolf’s technique has its advantages – the room was painted in under 20 minutes. The downside could possibly be the quality, though you can be the judge on that! Truth be told, the paint we are using to cover the interior walls is lime based, meaning the full effect is not visible until a chemical reaction has occurred, which hadn’t yet happened when this picture was taken. The walls will cure to be grey in colour, very similar to their original colour prior to some necessary patch up work. Some of us on the painting team had our doubts though when this watery paint was applied, as the colour sample selected was definitely not blotched black! Alas, nerd to the rescue – if my memory serves me correctly, the process goes a little something like this: Ca(OH)2 + CO2 → CaCO3 + H2O + light grey walls + an apology to the guy who sold us the paint who’s ears must have been white hot after a small amount of measured venting from yours truly – the painter. A little bit of time to cure in air (CO2), and out pops the grey!

Bauwerk Paint – patience is the key!